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Now Offering Teledentistry/TeleOralSurgery Appointments!

We are starting to offer teledentistry/teleoralsurgery evaluations and consultations, which you can access from the safety of your home.   The virtual oral surgery consult is a two-way conversation through video conference. During the oral surgery video consultation, we will review our history as it relates to any potential or known exposure to CoVid-19, evaluate your overall medical history and your dental condition and advise you what to do next.  The virtual oral surgery examination will be facilitated if your referral and radiographs have been forwarded from your referring dentist or physician in advance.   Please reach out ot your referral to make sure the records have been sent a day or two before your appointment,  If that information is not available, we may not be able to complete your virtual consultaion.  

As we remain under executive orders to “stay at home”, we are focusing on urgent and emergency needs.  We are able to conduct some routine post-op evaluations and discussions as well.  As we return to what will be a “new normal” as the CoVid-19 pandemic resolves, we anticipate using teledentistry on a more regular basis to continue to limit the exposure of our patients to the office environment.

Reasons to call your oral surgeon that might require urgent attention:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Painful swelling in or around your mouth, face, or neck
  • Pain from a tooth/teeth or jawbone
  • Gum infection with pain or swelling
  • Broken or knocked out tooth/teeth from trauma
  • Biopsy of abnormal tissue
  • Dental treatment required prior to critical medical procedures

Important: To prepare for your visit, you can either use your smartphone, or you will need a computer connected camera and audio microphone. If you are using a laptop, your built-in camera will work fine, otherwise, you will need to obtain a webcam. Headsets for computer audio are recommended for call clarity and to reduce background noise and for privacy if you are working in a more open public area.

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